Alruna Art Collective – meet the makers

ALRUNA is a collaboration between Maanzaad (Ines Kuipers), Solawende (Charlotte Boer) and Bereklauw (Samiye van Rossum). We found each other in our love for nature, mythology and spirituality. As a group we present our art and crafts to you and hope to fill your hearts with magick.



“Capturing atmospheres and experiences always have been the greatest source of inspiration in my creative expression.

My past year has been beautiful but intense. Instead of pushing myself in the creative force, I decided to let it flow and develop organicly. It took a bit of courage to relax but I’m happy that I did!
It became much more clear to me what I find essential in life and making art, and where I want to take it next.

I’m currently in the experimental process with something new that I feel very passionate and excited about. It is as if all the projects before where leading up to this. I can’t wait to share more with you once I feel more secure doing so.

And of course I am still drawing. I’ve taken it slow on commissions lately but have been focussing on a few personal projects. My technique requires to take the time and by allowing that, the drawings keep changing during the process. I let them.

I still love doing dotworking the skulls and bones. To me it is a way of celebrating life by honoring nature and the dead. It’s a cycle. Creating these is a form of meditation to me. Often my mind wanders back through the centuries and find great inspiration and wonder there.
For sure I will bring a new collection of dotwork bones to the Castlefest booth this year. Among other projects!

I am excited for what is to come. I hope to meet you at Castlefest at our ALRUNA booth. May you have a wonderful summer!”


“Last year I started with some research on new materials. Polymer clay is not the nature friendly product I thought it was, so I looked in to some alternatives. I found recipes for making clay out of natural materials and discovered precious metal clay. I have not yet succeeded in creating new pieces with these techniques, but I can’t wait to experiment.

This year had some other projects waiting for me. Creativity is an energy. You can only spend it once. This year some went to converting my parents’ barn into our new dreamhouse, but most of this energy went into the creation of my most precious moonseed: a little human being is growing in my belly at the moment.

At our ALRUNA booth at Castlefest you won’t find me, for I will retreat in my new home with my newborn baby, but what you can find there is my bone jewelry and dreamcatchers presented to you by my ALRUNA sisters. I miss you already… Have fun!”


“Last summer was one full of adventures for me and my little family. It was the first summer for my daughter and we did a lot of (unexpected) traveling and festivals. The winter was a welcome rest. During this hybernation I’ve spend a lot of time dreaming, reflecting and crafting indoors. I took a proper winter break so that i could start fresh and inspired again in spring.

After this first year with a baby I felt I needed some nurturing time for myself and decided to sign up for a one year course on natural dyeing. This is something I’ve experimented with for some time and was always very eager to learn more about. I am absolutely in love with this technique and working with both fiber and plants feels like a perfect combination.

My interest in weaving also started to grow and I’ve spend a lot of time with my loom and experimenting with the old craft of tablet weaving. There is so much to learn and at the same time it all feels so familiar.

It feels like there are two paths for Bereklauw.
One is the contemporary felting (although the collars have a certain wild or ancient look, this technique is quite modern) and the more historical techniques and reenactment.

I am looking forward to see you on the upcoming market and festivals! Let’s celebrate the magick of creating and enjoy the blooming summer.”

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