Etsy shop update

Etsy shop update! New items will be available on sep. 21, 20:00 (central european time).

I have decided i will continue to work like this: i will announce a shop update date and restock all the available items at once. The amount of items will strongly depend on the fact if i have festivals or markets going on as as well. The restock dates will be around the equinoxes/ solstices and pagan festivals so you know when to expect them (about 8 times a year). I simply cannot keep up with all the requests so i have decided to stop doing custom orders for now so i can catch up a little. But if you are interested in a particulair colour/type/model of felt collar don’t hesitate to contact me! I will try to add it to the new restock round 🙂

Working at home with a 8 month old baby around can be a challenge, some days are (sort of) productive while there are also days i can do very little. I’ve had a lot of understanding from customers, thank you so much for understanding!