Pictures: Ruben Terlouw | Noordhravan Collars & masks: Samiye van Rossum | Bereklauw

Castlefest Alruna give away

First of all: we’d like to thank you all for an amazing time at Castlefest! We hope you are all enjoying the ‘afterparty’ at home like we do 🙂 As you might have… Lees verder

Castlefest 2017 sneak peek – Lughnasadh collection

☼ Lughnasadh collection ☼ A collection of wool collars, plant dyed yarn, linen scarfs and weavings. Inspired by the harvest festival of Lughnasadh and the colours of the summer sun. (For sale on… Lees verder

Natural Dyes

Some of of this year’s experiments with walnut, onion, birch, madder, ground elder, cow parsley & dyer’s weed. This process made me look at colours in such a different way. I never liked… Lees verder

Alruna Art Collective – meet the makers

ALRUNA is a collaboration between Maanzaad (Ines Kuipers), Solawende (Charlotte Boer) and Bereklauw (Samiye van Rossum). We found each other in our love for nature, mythology and spirituality. As a group we present… Lees verder

Spring Equinox collection

BEREKLAUW Spring Equinox Collection, online on Etsy, 20th of March, 20:00 (c.e.t.) New felt collars, wild woolen knitwork, handspun wool yarn and more!

Weaving something big

Finished! Woven with handspun wool yarn on a handmade loom. (Nice detail: i made the birch loom from the wood that was used as a percussion woodlog at a Wardruna concert)

Midwinter collection 2016

Online tonight at 20:00 in the Etsy shop. All orders will be shipped the 20th after wich i will take a winterbreak!

Midwinter collection

New felted wool collars, pillows, rugs and hoodies will be for sale on Etsy on the 19th of December, 20:00 (c.e.t.). Also, i will bring a small collection of collars to the Castlefest… Lees verder

Samhain Etsy shop update 31th of October

Samhain Etsy shop update, 31th of October. These collars will be available on Etsy tonight at 20:00 (central european time)!

Wild woolen rugs

A new collection of woolfelt rugs will be available in the Etsy shop from the 21 of September.

Etsy shop update

Etsy shop update! New items will be available on sep. 21, 20:00 (central european time). I have decided i will continue to work like this: i will announce a shop update date and… Lees verder

Alruna at Castlefest

Totem vest

Totem vest This leater vest is the first of many more to come! This particular vest i made from an old upcycled sheepskin and leather so it can be used for historically authentic… Lees verder

Bereklauw interview @ Bleaq

Last month Bereklauw was featured with an interview on the Bleaq blog website. Do you want to know more about the story behind Bereklauw and the products? Go check it out! I feel… Lees verder


Yuletide. For me, it’s always a time to reflect. It has been an awesome and inspiring year. Meeting a lot of nice people and crafters on the wool markets in Balloo and joining… Lees verder


Wyrd woven hooded scarf from handspun yarn When spinning-time comes and cloth-weaving time, don’t go to the village for wrinkles beyond the ditch for guidance to the next house for warp-thread to a… Lees verder

Stormy days

Autumn projects

Baby break

Omdat ik over een paar weken een mini-beer verwacht zal ik van half november tot voorjaar 2016 een zwangerschaps en baby pauze nemen! In deze periode zal ik geen custom orders doen en… Lees verder


Alruna Arts is a collaboration between Maanzaad (Ines Kuipers), Solawende (Charlotte Boer) and Bereklauw (Samiye van Rossum). We found each other in our love for nature, mythology and spirituality. As a group we present… Lees verder


This weekend i had a wonderful time at the Herdersfair in Balloo together with my friends Ines from Maanzaad and Charlotte from Solawende. We watched the sunset on the early icy heatherfields and… Lees verder

Bereklauw postcards

New in the Bereklauw Etsy shop!

Bear cave

Finally, after a lot of work, packing and unpacking, moving and reorganising i have setteled in my new house and Bereklauw office!


Korenmoeder Felted wool collar Photo by Jasper van Gheluwe